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Competitors analysis - Spying your digital competitors

Every business, no matter new or experienced, should know that competitor analysis is inevitable to run a successful business. Here, at the Relton Digital headquarters, we treat it as a secret sauce for digital marketing success.

When performing digital competitor analysis for our clients we feel like detectives, spying on their rivals, learning from their successes and failures. The beauty of it is that we can use this knowledge to supercharge marketing strategies.

Keep on reading to learn how digital marketing agencies see the benefits of competitor analysis and what should you require when paying for their services.

1. Basic competitor analysis – takes away the guesswork!

By taking insights into competitor’s websites we can quickly assess how competitive they are in the digital world. Just imagine looking at a giant you were afraid of to compete with, and underneath finding the soft and vulnerable puppy. This is exactly what we see looking at some shiny, singing, and dancing websites.

And to be clear, by insights we mean the Content Management System (CMS), taking advantage of free Google tools (such as Google Business Profile and GA4 as the minimum), and basic SEO Optimisation. Now imagine that all your competitors are one-legged giants, the workload required to overtake them puts you on easy.

But what to do to overtake your competition? The answer is simple – look at the real giants in your industry. Look at well-established businesses to learn from them. This is what we at Relton Digital Marketing do to provide our customers best Digital Marketing Strategy.

2. Aspirational competitor analysis – highlights ways to gain an edge!

By looking at the well-established businesses in the industry we can assess their wider marketing strategy. With the use of smart tools (details in next blog), we can find out what keywords make them rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), how much they spend on Paid Ads, and which marketing channel brought them most visitors.

When assessing competitor keywords, backlink profiles, and on-page SEO optimization, we can discover their strengths and learn from them. Here is where we can find untapped keyword opportunities or ways to improve User Experience (UX).

Chances are if a certain strategy works well for the ‘big fishes’ in the industry, it is worth to consider adopting it in you marketing strategy. Whether it is going to be Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, or Influencer Marketing – if it works for them it may as well work for you.

At Relton Digital Marketing we always consider Multichannel Marketing and recommend starting with what can bring the most immediate return on investment (ROI).

What if I skip the competitor analysis?

Trust me, you should not take this shortcut… By skipping competitor analysis you could miss out on great opportunities and overlook important factors. Performing competitor analysis gives you the inside scoop on their tactics, so it’s definitely worth your time and attention!

Benchmarking with your direct and indirect competitors is the first and most important step to get ahead. So go and Spy on your competitors in the digital world. Find your very unique ways to stand out! Or drop us a line and we will run the competitor analysis for you.

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