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Where do you start when considering website design? It is a fundamental business asset, and it showcases your business 24/7. Visitors will judge you on its look, feel, content and usability. It is your brochure and or your shop, you need a plan…

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“Relton Associates delivered the most amazing website within budget and on time. The SEO results were fantastic too and we’re always being complimented on how nice it is and how smoothly it works.”

C. Gavilan

Identify the opportunity

Website Purpose and Plan

What do you want your website to do for your business in two to three years’ time? What is its purpose and what is your plan? This is where we start, and this is one of the first questions we will ask you. Every website build needs purpose, an end point and objectives defined. Once we collaboratively ascertain what your desired outcome is, then we start planning.

Image of CMS logotypes - which Content Management System to chose

Which Website Content Management System

Once we have the plan, we can determine which Content Management System (CMS) is the most appropriate to achieve your business objectives as not all CMSs are equal and some can have significant advantages over your competitors website.

If you are looking to take digital market share from your competition or disrupt a market, choosing the most appropriate CMS can be crucial.

Content strategy for the web build

Website Content Strategy

Google can only crawl the written word, so we need to choose your website content structure wisely.

This is what a Content Strategy does for you. Not only does it choose the correct keywords for Google and other search engines to crawl, but we prioritise them according to the quality of business you wish to attract.

“Google can only crawl the written word”

A good Content Strategy will enable you to be found in the natural search results as it clearly conveys to search engines like Google what it is you do and what it is you want to be found for.

Beautiful and Bespoke Design

We only build beautiful and bespoke websites. Bespoke websites often afford you greater security, faster load times and differentiates you from your competitors. Beautiful, smooth yet SEO friendly so search engines know what search query to serve you up for. The uniqueness of your website will enable you to tell you brand story and highlight your businesses USP’s without compromise.

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Unique and Wonderful User Experience

User experience, often rated by your websites Conversion Rate, is at the core of everything we build. Often planned out in the early stages when we discuss what you want your website to do for you and your web visitors.

Every website we build aims to engage with your potential clients in a way that they take an action: a sale, a call, an enquiry or quote request are some of the examples of what we would consider a ‘conversion’. We provide the onsite tools, plugins, bespoke development (such as filter creation) to enable your visitors to engage and purchase with your brand.


“Within the first month of running our Conversion Rate Optimisation retainer on our client’s website we saw an immediate +9.95% increase in enquiries just by implementing fixes to an issue we identified when monitoring users website interaction”

November 2023

Website build and design - the first draft image

Standard Website Design Good Practice

As standard there are certain elements of every website that give it the basic infrastructure required for it to resonate with your visitors as well as search engines. It is a long list but below are some of the core elements required for every website build.

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly design
  • Fast load speeds
  • SEO ready for Content
  • Contact pages (spam filtered)
  • GA4 set up with Conversion Tracking
  • Google Search Console set up

In a nutshell

A beautiful website build needs to also be found and served up in the search results by search engines such as Google. All websites that we deliver not only achieve the above, but focus on driving the correct quality of potential client to your website to convert into a sale or a sales lead.

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