The 3 click Amazon Feedback Secret all top performing stores share

Amazon feedback secret

The 3 click Amazon Feedback Secret all top performing stores share

Top performing Amazon stores aim for top levels of Customer Feedback – after all, your 98% feedback is no use if your competitors are winning BuyBox and customers, because they’ve achieved 99%.

Top performing stores need top performing feedback.  The high levels of positive feedback achieved by top performing stores may seem unreachable to some sellers – after all, however wonderful your service is, there will be the odd chirpy customer how rewards you with a 1/5 and then there’s occasional mishap in despatch and shipping…. So if your feedback is languishing below 95%, you might think that 99% is an unachievable target – that is, unless you share the ‘3 click Amazon feedback secret’ of managing your feedback.

A Relton Associates survey of low performing Amazon stores – stores with feedback levels of 92% or less, found that 80% of the feedback impacting on that score was totally avoidable and could be removed in 3 clicks using standard Amazon processes.

The key factor affecting the seller’s feedback level was found not to be performance, but knowledge of Amazon processes.  These sellers were just not managing their feedback.  If low feedback rates are affecting your store’s performance, and you would like to find out how to use ‘the 3 click Amazon feedback secret’ removal process, then why not drop us a line to find out more

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