SEO elements

There are three elements to SEO, the first and arguably is the most important one is what we term the Technical SEO. The other two elements are Content and Linking. These last two are explained in more detail on the Content Marketing and the Link Building for SEO pages

Our ‘Are You Google Fit for Business?’ SEO audit covers a multitude of SEO criteria and places you, the client, back in control of your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO is important because it ensures the website is safe, fast and user friendly. Search engines like Google will ‘penalise’ you if you do not meet certain criteria. The most basic of these is that your website is secure with an SSL certificate, but there are plenty more.

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“We’ve moved websites within days from page four in the Google search results to page one, second position, by just telling Google the client exists”

Your relationship with Google Matters

Having a Bonafede relationship is extremely influential. There are a number of things you can do to ensure the likes of Google know you are exist. Here are just a few:

  • Google Business Profile with the correct details and ‘strength’
  • GA4, formally known as Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
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Load Speed

Load speed is another crucial factor, but not just in 4G or 5G, but also 3G. Search engines want websites to load fast, anywhere in the World, and the World doesn’t operate on 5G for most part. Search engines also want websites to load fast on mobile phones (as well as desktop computers.

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Responsiveness, Mobile first

Not only do search engines want fast load speeds on mobile phones, it prioritises ‘mobiles first’, users use mobile phones more than they do desktops, so it’s a critical point for search engines and therefore SEO.

Websites also need to be built for ‘mobiles first’ from a responsive and useability point of view for the very same reason. Search engines want their users to be served up with the most user friendly experience and give them the best results

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META data is the data that search engines crawl behind the scenes. The word META literally means ‘data that describes other data’. Ultimately it translates to content that’s already there, but ensuring it is presented in the same vain and meaning.

Such things as duplicated META data are not good, they’re not bad either, but it is a missed opportunity to correctly sign post search engines like Google to what you can offer its users.

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Your SEO Launch Pad

If your website doesn’t load fast, is not secure and offers a poor experience on mobile phones then it doesn’t matter how good your Content is or your link profile, you will not be viewed favourably by search engines.

Our ‘Are You Google Fit for Business?’ SEO audit covers a multitude of SEO criteria and places you, the client, back in control of your SEO efforts.

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