SEO will surelly give you return on investment

Typically, we focus on Google when it comes to SEO – Search Engine Optmisation. Most Search Engines have a similar algorithm and if your successful on Google you will be successful on most other search engines. One exception to this rule would be the Russian search engine Yandex. If you’re looking to influence Yandex then reach out to us separately.

We break SEO down into three areas; Technical SEO, Content and Link Building. That’s not to say it’s as clear cut as that, as there are many elements of the digital eco system that positively and negatively affect your SEO ranking. However, from experience, addressing them in this way enables us to convey where you should focus your efforts.

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“The OSCE monitors the Minsk agreement between Russia and Ukraine. They saw an impressive uplift in impressions (their content being seen) in Ukraine by +34%, in Russia by +47% and Worldwide by +23%.”

Fact checked from Google Analytics

Is your website set up in such a way that when you embark on an SEO strategy, you’re in a strong position to benefit from any work you do? You need the groundwork completed first, otherwise it’s like paddling upstream without said paddle.

Your website needs to be built on the correct ‘open source’ Content Management System (CMS), or if it’s bespoke then with the ability to ‘talk to search engines’. It needs to be fast, mobile friendly and responsive. It needs Google’s tools such as Google Analytics plugged in too, this creates ‘a relationship’ with Google.

If you set these foundations in place, then you have the platform to excel. Unfortunately, it still surprises us how many websites are not correctly set up with SEO in mind.


“We moved a website from page 4 on the Google Search results to page 1 within 48hours, we have also improved a client’s Domain Authority from 27-32 within a week by applying technical SEO improvements”


from page 4 to page 1


improved domain authority

Search engines like Google can only crawl the ‘written word’…and if you don’t have the appropriate words, how will search engines know which search results to serve you up for? Having the most suitable ‘Keywords’ on your website is paramount, absolutely critical in fact, to succeeding in the natural search results.

Too often we see site maps (top navigation) labelled: ‘Services’, ‘Products’, ‘About Us’, ‘Case Studies’, ‘What We Do’. None of these headings means anything to search engines. Search engines cannot determine what your website actually does with such lame and generic words.

If you want to be found for a particular service, then you need to name that service within your website, preferably in the top navigation. Not only that, but you need to name images, META data etc in the same way.

“Google can only crawl the written word, so choose your words wisely”


Link Building for SEO

Every link to your website is considered a ‘referral’ or a ‘recommendation’ by Google and other search engines. This has always been the case. As algorithms have changed, search engines have become more savvy about what they consider to be ‘good links’ and what they consider to be ‘bad links’.

We only build ‘good links’ and we get rid of ‘bad links’, differentiating between good and bad is imperative. The good news is you only need to be better than your competition in this skill and as many of your competitors are often not pursuing a link building strategy, you may not have to do too much.

What our clients say...

I worked with Relton and his team over a year to help with our SEO and website strategy. Right from the start Relton was friendly, helpful and never ceased to have new ideas for how we could improve. Above all, he’s been very enjoyable to work with throughout the entire process and I would recommend him to anyone looking to level up their SEO game.

Dodkins, AI Music

SEO within the digital eco system

SEO is only one element of the digital marketing eco system. A channel often considered as free, but it rarely ever is. It helps to understand the digital eco system to appreciate the part SEO has to play. Often, training can be provided, such as Content training (for SEO) and how to deliver that content appropriately.

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