SEO and Social Media Case Study

SEO & Social Media - case study of improving SERP

SEO and Social Media Case Study

The purpose of this Blog is not to preach about how Google or Bing ranks results related to Social Media Activity per say, but to give you a simple case study on what has worked. James Arthur’s (X Factor winner 2012) official website originally held 9th Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) within Google Search, naturally it should have ranked number 1 with ease. So we made some changes:

Improved the META data – Improved the META Title, added a META Description and a few keywords. Using keywords like; James Arthur Official Website in all the META information. This additional information specifically added with the visitor in mind, confirming they were in the right place, if it was James Arthur they were looking for (and of course search engines).

Content – We also added additional content, rich in copy and easy for search engines to crawl in the form of an ‘About’ [James Arthur] page.

We ‘tagged’ the pages content. Images and Internal links were tagged with similar keywords (as the META information] within relevant content. The internal links gave search engines another signal they’re in the right place and more to relevant ‘stuff’ to crawl.

SERP optimisation exampleLastly, and what I believe was the most effective, was updating and refreshing the Facebook Social Media Feed to James Arthur’s website. At the time (2014) the connection between his Facebook page and his site was not updating, so we fixed it. Re-connecting the live feed confirmed the relevant and official Social Signals needed.

All of the above changes are simple, they’re all recommended by search engines like Google and all basic housekeeping for good SEO. Anyone within your business who has a basic understanding about the Content Management System they update will be able to implement them.

However, Google in particular seems to be working hard to make SEO less important, dominating search results with Paid Advertising…but that’s another post!

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