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Link Building for SEO is still a crucial part of any SEO strategy. Links are still seen as other websites ‘recommending’ yours. There are two types of links that you can go after to improve your websites search engine ranking position and your overall Domain Authority.

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Directory Links

These links are your typical directory listing on websites such as The Daily Telegraph or The benefits of these are that you’re often allowed to summarise what your business does and what services you provide. Therefore, the directory link can list you under a number of services; headlining as a digital marketing agency with one of your specialist services (being one of many) being Google Ads and links to both; Digital Marketing Strategy and Google Ads pages, confirming your website is about Digital Marketing and Google Ads.

These directory links enable you to be known for your core service offering as well as your other supporting services. Directories, particularly tabloids, often have very strong Domain Authority (DA), which will rub off positively on your website too.

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PR Links

Search Engines and particularly Google do not want to miss anything that is ‘trending’. This is where PR links become very powerful as they combine strong reputable domains with high DA, the latest news and what’s trending. PR is not as easy to come by and should always be part of an over-arching campaign. PR on its own is rarely enough.

Content Links

Writing articles for websites such can be extremely beneficial. While they’re not directory nor PR links, they are still links and should help to contribute to any PR or Link building campaign. There are various content websites which you can post links back to your website with. Many bloggers and content writers will offer to write blogs for you in exchange for a link to their website, to boost their DA and over all SEO link building presence.

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…and let’s not forget internal linking within your own website and from your social media assets. Search engines, especially Google, use these links to find our more about your website content and will crawl them all unless you tell them not to…

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