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Influencer Marketing and Social Media go hand-in-hand. While Social Media can work on its own, Influencer Marketing often can’t work without Social Media.

Working with Influencers can be powerful, very powerful, they can reach people advertising never could in a way that’s unique to the influencer, through story telling.

Having said that, people understand adverts, they know what to expect, and they work.

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“Relton Associates experience brought a skill set to the G2 Network Fusion Cell, the value of which was quickly obvious. Soon identifying areas where he could add real value to our targeting process, often identifying exploitable areas others had not considered.”


Influencer Marketing hasn’t stopped growing since it became a ‘thing’, relentless and significant growth year on year without any signs of slowing. Now worth $16.4B* it is still growing exponentially.

The COVID-19 pandemic was also a significant catalyst with brands looking for new ways to engage with their audience. Some, including us, argue Influencer Marketing is the most engaging digital marketing channel of its time as people took to social media platforms to find out what was going on.

Influencer Marketing in conversational, enabling brands to nurture conversations and focus on their story telling through others. Often brands will work with Influencers to provide on-brand content, rather than produce it in-house.

There’s many reasons for working with Influencers and finding the right influencers for your brand can be challenging, but when you do find them the rewards are never ending.


Social Media advertising

Day-to-day Social Media is hard work and rarely brings a ROI (Return on Investment), nor does it bring a ROE (Return On Effort).

The Social Media platforms are now tightly controlled so the days of making it big with no ad spend are a distant memory.

You still need to use social media platforms so you can engage with your customers in a manner of their choosing, else your brands ‘trust value’ will deteriorate.

However, Social Media Advertising is very much alive.


Facebook Ads

One of the more cost-effective social media channels and often thought to be outdated with all the newer channels such as Tik Tok taking significant market share. However, many still use it and it has history.

Great for Groups, whether they be Clubs, Societies or Hobbyist’s. Often set up many years ago but still used today. Click Through Rates (CTA’s) are often good and if you target enough people you can drive significant ‘targeted’ traffic

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads share the same platform as Facebook and the same reporting feature but attracts a very different audience type on a daily basis to its partner in crime Facebook. Again, cost effective but you will need to be more creative with your Ad creation on Instagram, we expect a little more ‘beauty’ here


YouTube Ads

Often YouTube seems to be forgotten when it comes to Ads. Goodness knows why though as the only search engine with a larger number of users is Google. Some will still argue YouTube has more users and depending on where you are in the World that may well be true. The takeaway is do not ignore YouTube as a channel to reach your audience

LinkedIn Ads

One of the more expensive Social Media Channels to advertise on. Although when you consider it that makes perfect sense. You can be so targeted on LinkedIn we believe they ‘dumb it down’ so they don’t conflict with data protection laws and of course the broader the advertising the more you’ll need to spend with them.

However, compared to ‘prospecting’, which is hard work, Ads are a swift way to raise brand awareness to business professionals

We know where to start

Influencer Marketing & Social takes a certain personality to execute, it’s no simple task and certainly not for everyone and therefore not for every business…and that’s ok. However, if you action Influencer marketing & social media you should get your team the appropriate training or hire appropriately, which we understand is not always possible

Therefore, engaging specialists in to implement your strategy is key to your business success.

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