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The Google library, stack, collection of products is immense. Do you need them all? The honest answer is: ‘highly likely’.

Here are some of the essential Google Products you should consider

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“Relton Associates brought in £30,000 worth of business in 3 months. Where the four agencies beforehand failed, Relton Associates delivered. Very Happy”

CSUK Oct 2020

Google Ads

Google Ads can start driving quality traffic to your website as soon as it’s set up.

The best bit about Google Ads is it only gets better with time, driving more traffic whilst the ad spend gets lower.

However, Google Ads is not for every business and there are certain criteria you need to attain to make it worthwhile.

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Google Guarantee

Google Guarantee landed in the UK in the summer of 2022, but is little known in the UK.

Aimed at re-assuring people looking for service Google Guarantee does just what it states and guarantees the service provider.

Always at the top of the search results it almost always guarantees traffic and/or calls to your business, often above local search results.

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Google Ad Grants

If you are a registered Charity you are eligible for a Google Ad Grant of up to $10,000 USD per month in ad spend on Google.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It is actually quite hard to spend that amount on Google Ads and achieve an ROI, even if you don’t have the restrictions associated with a Google Ad Grant (charity) account.

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping has typically a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and is more cost effective then Google Ads for the simple reason it’s a store and for people looking to ‘buy’.

The best part of Google Shopping is that so much can be automated, ensuring if you’re out of stock your products don’t have to be listed.

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GA4 - Google Analytics

GA4 (formerly known as Google Analytics or Universal Analytics) is essential to having the most basic bonifide relationship with Google.

It will positively affect your websites Domain Authority and your website’s ranking within Google’s search engine.

It should not be set up via another plugin, but directly with Google. You also need to ensure it is set up correctly.

It will also provide you with a plethora of insightful and useful data that can help you make future decisions on what channels to spend your marketing budget and who your audience is.

GA4 replaced Google Analytics in July 2023 and we have found that it requires a little more technical knowledge to set this up correctly, but it does provide better data if still a little clunky.

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Google Search Console

We love Google Search Console because we don’t like #404 page errors.

Google Search Console tells us lots of useful information including the issues Google is having crawling your website.

You need to link this to your Google Analytics too.

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Sending traffic is easy, sending traffic that converts to an action is an art

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager enables us to track traffic from when it lands on your website all the way through to whether it converts.

In other words, if they buy, call, complete a contact form or sign up for a newsletter.

This is imperative in determining and measuring success.

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Google Business Profile - Google My Business

By far the greatest tool Google has created for businesses small to large. It enables you to be found for the services you provide locally and is free.

You don’t even need a website. You do need to ensure you set it up correctly to make the most out of this exceptional asset.

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Google Reviews

You could easily argue that Google Reviews should sit with you Google Business Profile.

The reason we list is separately is how influential this channel is to driving lead generation for businesses, especial local businesses.

The percentage of people who will pick up the phone to your business based on positive reviews is significant.

If you’re in the misfortunate position to have poor reviews, we have no doubt you are losing business on a daily basis.

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Retargeting enables you to present adverts online to people who have already visited your website.

With the average conversion rate being around 2%, that leaves 98% of visitors having been exposed to your brand and still with a potential to convert to a sale.

However, retargeting is typically best suited to websites that achieve in excess of 2,000 visits per month and ideally for an e-commerce website.

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The Google Tool Kit is extensive, and we haven’t covered all of the Google Products. The aforementioned are all the major ones that every website or business should consider.

If you would like to grab a free consultation to help determine which Google Products you should be focused on we’d be delighted to hear from you

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