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We have a very clear process when it comes to on-boarding and running client’s Google Ads campaigns for them.

The reason for this is Google Ads is not for everyone. As a business, ‘We Believe in Creating and Delivering Success’, so if we don’t believe we can do this, then we’ll tell you.

This is why we have developed the following process.

Free discovery call

Relton Associates brought in £30,000 worth of business in 3 months. Where the four agencies beforehand failed, Relton Associates delivered. Very Happy”

Oct 2020

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Free Google Ads Discovery call (step 1)

In 2022 we turned down 6 clients (2 at this stage) as we did not believe we could deliver (or measure) success via Google Ads. There are certain criteria, such as an Average Order Value or website performance that if not met, will result in Google Ads not working for your business.

Most importantly, we will advise you what you need to do to be able to implement Google Ads successfully, should you not meet the requirements to achieve success.

Google Ads forecasting by Relton Digital Marketing

Free Google Ads Forecasting (step 2)

We Free Forecast for all potential clients to ensure we believe we can achieve success. We do this to take away the guesswork of whether the channel will achieve sales and manage client’s expectations on Google budget (we turned down 4 clients at this stage in 2022).

The Free Forecast results in us estimated the expected traffic/clicks we can send and the average Cost Per Click (CPC). If you know your Conversion Rate for your website (which you really should), we can then determine the approximate number of leads we can send to your website.


“We achieved 401 conversions* for a medical company in September 2023, of which 6 of them called without even visiting the website (they called direct from the ad)”

*a conversion is a booking, enquiry or phone call. Fact checked from Google Analytics




Direct from an ad

Setting up your Google Ads

Tracking is crucial to understanding whether we’re achieving an ROI for your business. We do three things at set up, which we insist on:

competitor benchmark

Competitor Analysis – We will crawl your competitor’s campaigns and we will be able to see which keywords drive how much traffic and how much those clicks cost. Should we determine they are suitable keywords for your business, we will go about taking that traffic from them

GA4 tracking conversions day to day

Tracking set up – This is where we will set up all tracking. This includes GA4, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager so that we can track conversions. A conversion is either: a sale, a phone call, a contact form completion or similar. If we are not able to set up tracking, we will not work with you and the reasons for this are simple; you cannot hold us accountable, and we will not know if we’re doing a good job (and therefore cannot improve).

WhatsApp reporting group setup

WhatsApp group reporting set up – We set up a group WhatsApp to enable our clients to feedback on the ‘poor’ leads and the ‘good’ leads received. It is inevitable poor leads will come, but we can manage and reduce these, which is why we want to know. More importantly, if you are receiving good strong leads, then we want to focus your budget on bringing in more of these valuable leads.

What our clients have to say...

In the last quarter of 2022 you drove £288K worth of confirmed business

CFP (Jan 2023)

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Measuring Success

Monthly reporting is a must, this is where we can add value not just to your Google Ads campaign but often to your overall marketing efforts. We share demographic data, keyword performance amongst other relevant data.

Free discovery call

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