Google Ad GRANTS - not for profit

Don’t get too excited, we know the idea of $10,000 USD in free Google Ad Grants spend sounds super exciting, but you need to know how to spend it.

As with a normal Google Ads account you need to ensure it’s right for your business (or in this case your non-for-profit business). This is because Google Ad Grants, as with Google Ads is not ideal for business.


For starters it is a completely different type of account to Google Ads and because Google wouldn’t think of giving away prime real estate you are somewhat restricted on how you can spend that $10,000 USD.

The benefits of Google Ad Grants

  • $10,000 USD ad send is a clear and definite benefit and it’s not too difficult to set up. On occasions, even with the all the correct documentation, it can still take months to gain Google approval. However, Google does have a clear process so long as you follow it, within the timelines laid out.
  • Traffic and increased brand awareness is another guaranteed benefit, but be mindful, that may not translate into additional fundraising or donations. For this you will need something unique or sought after and a process to support it.

What you need to be aware of

There are some significant differences between Google Ad Grants and Google Ads that you need to be aware of.

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Google ad grants - use is or lose it!

Use it or lose it!

If you don’t keep your Google Ad Grants account in ‘Good Health’ and up to date, you will lose it.

There are certain requirements applicable for Google Ad Grants accounts that need to be covered.

Failing to cover them for two consecutive months can result in temporary account deactivation. And repeating Ad Grants Policy violation may lead to an account suspension.

So, if you’re thinking of setting it up and then leaving it then don’t.

Your Google Ad Grants account needs continuous looking after and is more complex than your typical Google Ads accounts

Google Ad Grants Bid

Google Ad Grants is more complex than Google Ads campaign

The $2 USD bid ceiling

For starters, Google doesn’t want to give up its prime online real estate so you have restrictions on how much you can ‘bid’. The max is $2 USD, and whilst you can be a little bit creative and work to more of an ‘average’, you will still find it restricting (And don’t get surprised with the currency – all Google Ad Grants accounts are in US$ – no matter where a non-profit is based or operating)

The 5% CTR

To keep your account performing well in Google’s eyes, you will need to achieve a 5% Click Through Rate or higher. This can be a test for the standard Google Ads accounts, let alone a charity account.

Google Ad Grants Policy

You must adhere to Google Ad Grants policies, failure to do so will result in your account / campaigns being suspended. Login regularly and address any issues raised by Google

We offer Free Discovery Calls to ensure Google Ad Grants are for your Charity / Not For Profit (NFP) Organisation. There are aspects every Charity / NFP should consider beforehand to ensure it’s not taking up unnecessary time or budget.

If we feel it’s still a “go”, we can then Free Forecast for you, enabling us to check whether the Google search volumes are relevant and substantial enough to move forward.

We do offer special rates for Charities and NFP organisations, even though they need more management time than a standard Google Ads accounts.

If you would like to know more then get in touch.

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