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Changing Digital Marketing Strategy from a concept to a reality and then implementing it is no small challenge. Relton Associates’ often hear from clients: “we just don’t know where to start” and/or “one so called expert tells us one thing and then another says something completely different”.

Enter front stage Relton Associates. We know how you feel and we’ll know where and how to direct you. We specialise in Digital Marketing Strategy, typically we devise your digital growth for 2 to 3 years in advance and are there to guide and support you every step of the way.

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“Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Relton Associates will give you the most suitable advice and will also help you through the whole implementation and success measure process!! I highly recommend them. Thanks Team!”

N. Chakraborty
[Google Review Oct 2020]

We Believe in Creating and Delivering Success

We Believe in Creating and Delivering Success, and we do this through creating your ideal Digital marketing Strategy and following it up with Implementation that really works. So much so we will also devise and ask you to hold us accountable to specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are based on performance. To give you an example we typically track the Conversion Rate of the traffic we send you, not just the traffic (sending you traffic is the easy part!).

Continually measuring your success enables us to test, adjust and continually improve. Ensuring your digital presence continues to grow.

The strategist in action

No Digital Marketing Strategy is the same

No Digital Marketing Strategy is the same because no business is the same. However, we will always give you a head start, as we evidence channels already working or forecast to enable us to make informed decisions. We also know how to test and adjust campaigns whilst furnishing you with the tips you’ll need to speed up. Ultimately, we take the guess work out of whether something is going to work.

Attracting the right target audience

Attracting the right Target Audience

Every brand has a story to tell, but not everyone will want to hear it. We focus on placing your brand in front of the right Target Audience for your business, in other words the people who are interested in your brand story. This maximises Conversion Rate and increases the value of the order or enquiry at the same time.

What our clients have to say...

“Digital Strategy Marketing at its best. No matter the question and challenge, Relton Associates knows exactly what to do and how to leverage the online landscape to your benefit. SEO, ad campaigns, Google Fit Checks, all the strategy behind it, and much more. Couldn’t recommend them more!”

Schoeller Textiles (Google Review 2020)

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We know where to start

At Relton Digital we know where to start, whether you have a website already or not. We have the tools and the ‘know how’ to get you started, as well as the experience. We also implement on various digital marketing channels, but only employ the specialist for those channels, so you know you’re going to be getting the best results.

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Digital Marketing Strategy – Taking out the guess work

As we often run a Competitor Analysis covering various digital marketing channels we’re able to:

Content strategy for the web build

Save you time by speeding up your learnings and knowledge

Save you money, learn from your competitors and implement actions against them

Save you money by taking those learnings from your competitors and implementing against them

Take your competitors traffic, increase sales and your market share

Take your competitors traffic where appropriate increasing sales your business’ market share

Success is down to a combination of sales from Amazon, the website, and hitting eBay in the past couple of months. Having amulti-pronged digital strategy has really helped us, before we only had the website. We found Relton Associates to be trustworthy, loyal and always willing to go that extra mile. Whether it be in-house training in web content creation or more specific product descriptions …Relton Associates are all over it…And that’s rare!”

K. Shah, Molly Mojo

This is how we measure your businesses success online and our progress. Setting KPIs is crucial for holding ourselves accountable. We know which KPIs to set and how to measure them. In some instances, we will not take you on as a client unless we’re able to set up the appropriate tracking.

Digital Marketing Strategy is layered and often appears complex, it’s not. We often compare it to a house build, you have many trades and skills that are required; Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Roofers, Carpenters etc. They need to be managed by a project manager and you wouldn’t want the plumber doing the electrics! We pull the project together in the best way possible with your business goals at the centre of everything we do.

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