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At Relton Digital we Believe in Creating and Delivering Success and this also transcends across the local and international community as well. Relton Digital Marketing doesn’t just want success for its clients but also for the local and international communities…

Everything starts small, often local, even if they’re big ideas they are initially from a small seed in our minds. Then the successful ideas build and build and grow bigger and bigger. Some ideas grow from small local community groups and some from a small number of international individuals, who become connected. What we’re doing is growing communities, that can transcend across globe as well as local, setting a template for resilience, comradery and above all community.

The Green Care at Norton project aims to support and bring about positive changes in the local community for adults living with loneliness, unemployment or who are socially excluded through mental illness, learning difficulties or deprivation. 

Whilst also providing a healthy and natural food source for the

  • Volunteers who farm the various land parcels
  • Local food banks
  • And by bringing in revenue through retail outlets for some of the crop

The Green Care at Norton project – starting local

The volunteers positively contribute towards the local community, and readying themselves for employment, should they wish to do so. Our aim is to make this a widespread movement across Hertfordshire (and ultimately create a template for similar community projects around the World). Bringing communities together and providing naturally grown foods and thereby providing communities with scalable resilience.

Any additional funding enables these projects to grow, currently locally based, additional finding will contribute to:

  • Day to day running of the project
  • Expansion of the project to multiple locations
  • Expansion of the number of volunteers involved
  • Greater natural food provision
  • Setting up of templates and support for local communities around the World

If you would like to support these projects then get in touch.

You can donate here

Carbon Positive website and hosting

The Relton Digital Marketing website is Carbon Positive. Which means we’re not only Carbon Neutral, but because we support the planting of trees as well, we hold a Carbon Positive rating.

All the websites that we build and host are as standard Carbon Neutral and our websites are verified by the Eco Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA). The EFWA is an award-winning social enterprise focused on creating a cleaner, greener internet.

All power consumed by the servers we use are 100% renewable energy and have a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12

You too can support the planting of trees to offset your carbon footprint, and make the World a better and greener place by donating to the World Land Trust today


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