Content marketing for SEO

Content Marketing enables search engines like Google to crawl your website and understand the services or products you offer. That way Google can serve your website up in the search results when users are looking for your services.

If you don’t tell search engines what services or products you offer, then you will not be served up in the search results on any search engine for what you want to be found for.

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”Google can only crawl the written word, so choose your words wisely”

What you want to be known for

Ideally you’ll have a Content Strategy [link to Content Strategy page], if you don’t then you should devise one. Consider which services/products:

  • Bring you in the best margins with the least amount of work
  • Are the best Lead Generators
  • Are you trying to win more work from

Then ensure you use the correct Keywords or Key Phrases on your website. By adding Keywords or Key Phrase focus you deliberately target your perfect client, and you will be able to attract more of that work and the sales that you want.

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You tell search engines by using the most appropriate Keywords or Key Phrases throughout your website

“Choosing and promoting specific Keywords or Key Phrases (in the correct places) enables search engines to serve you up in their results for services and products that you wish to be found for”

Where to place your keywords

Search Engines crawl your website in a particular way and in a particular order; so the structure of your website is very important. Search engines also look for consistency throughout, that way the likes of Google will have more confidence you’re a Bonafede business and serve you up more often in the search results.

Search engines expect your URL, META title and Page title to be the same verbatim, if they are not, search engines lack the confidence your pages are about what you say they’re about, they feel confused, and won’t serve up your content

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Avoid Duplicate Content

If you have Duplicate Content (that include META data) throughout your website, search engines may think your farming content, trying to use black hat SEO tricks and will most likely ‘just not serve your content up in its search results’. Again, if search engines aren’t sure, they’ll urge on the side of caution, and not show your content

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Images need naming

As we mentioned earlier, search engines can only crawl the written word. They won’t know what your images are about unless you name them. If you do name them, you’re likely to have your images appear in places like Google’s Image search results providing your website with more exposure.

Search engines also see the naming of images as beneficial to visually impaired people using the internet, so you’ll receive extra bonus points there as well.

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Good Content tells Google what you do

If you have good Content Marketing you are sign-posting and telling search engines like Google what you do. If you don’t provide your content in the correct manner and search engines “just aren’t sure”, they will not serve up your website up in their results.

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