Running a Competitor Analysis is a solid place to begin your digital journey.

Understanding the digital eco system and environment you operate in is (we would argue) crucial to your planning process.

It gives you a very real picture of what needs to be done over a time period (often dictated by budget) to achieve success.

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“Relton Associates experience brought a skill set to the G2 Network Fusion Cell, the value of which was quickly
obvious. Soon identifying areas where he could add real value to our targeting process, often identifying exploitable areas others had not considered.”

Brigadier Ian, NATO, ARRC

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Understanding and learning from your Competitors

Imagine, you know how much traffic your competitors website achieves, you know how they get that traffic and you know which systems they use. This information can go a long way to determining what you need to do to finding success.

Monitoring Traffic Volumes

We can ascertain estimated traffic volumes for almost all websites (only if the volumes are really low does the data become ‘skewed’.

The higher the traffic volumes the more accurate our estimations become. This can immediately confirm just how well your competitors are truly performing and where you sit amongst them.

GA4 Google Analytics on screen

Understanding where their traffic comes from

Once we are able to ascertain how much traffic they get and where their traffic comes from, we can look even deeper. If we see they experience large volumes of traffic through natural search, we can see which keywords and key phrases drive the majority of their traffic.

The same is said for Google Adwords, we can see which keywords and key phrase drive how much traffic and at what cost. Enabling us to create and implement a plan that takes a share of the competitor’s traffic and brings it to you, our client.

It doesn’t stop there, we can also see which websites drive traffic to your competitors and potentially who they have partnered with. The data we pull is extremely insightful and enables us to make clear recommendations.

Which Content Management System (CMS) are they using

There are other areas that we look at, including which CMS they use, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Which we utilise to gain a competitive advantage, and if they’re using the same CMS as you, we will build it better.

Competitor Analysis – Taking out the guess work

By ascertaining the above information, it enables us to save our clients:

Content strategy for the web build

Time – from testing and researching from scratch

Save you money, learn from your competitors and implement actions against them

Money – reducing the amount of test and learning will save money

Take your competitors traffic, increase sales and your market share

Resource – Using professionals enables you to potentially save on resource

“Taking the guesswork away of what will work will save you time, money and resource”

Crunching the numbers-market share

Ascertaining your Digital Market Share

Regularly reviewing your Competitor Analysis will enable you to understand how you perform against your competitors, ultimately enabling you to understand your Digital Market Share.

This can support your business sale price if you are selling, it can also give you an understanding of the potential a business has if you are buying. Understanding a websites true performance, whether it’s your website or not, can be extremely powerful.

A Great Place to start your Digital Journey

Knowing your Digital Market Share is a great place to start your digital journey. It enables you to see what needs to be done and can indicate what budget is needed too.

Once you know where you want to be, you can reverse engineer how to get there

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