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Branding sets you apart from your competitors, confirms your credibility and gives your organisation an identity. It is crucial as it determines whether consumers ‘understand’ you and ultimately like and buy-in to your brand.

Getting it right early on is vital as to change it later will cost you considerable time and money.

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In an era where effective branding is essential for business success, Relton Digital stands out as a reliable partner in crafting a unique and compelling brand identity and strategy that not only resonated with my target audience but also set my business apart in a crowded market.


Basic steps you need to follow to build your brand:

Determine your Target Audience. Who do you want to sell your products and/or services to? You may already have some data to help you make this decision such as Google Analytics or previous sales data.

Determine your Story. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why will people like you and what you’re offering? What Branding are you offering which other Brands don’t?

Design Logo and Strap Line.  There’s little point in having a logo  that your target audience misinterprets or doesn’t find appealing. You can only create a relevant logo and strap line once you know your target audience and your story.

Lay out your Brand Guidelines. Be clear, lay out the do’s and the dont’s of how your brand should be conveyed. Think about conversations on social media and descriptions and layouts on your marketing collateral.

Trade Mark. Make sure you own your brand. This ensures you can legally protect it and when you sell your business it will also add considerable value.

Brand Guardian. Ensure you nominate someone to act as Brand Guardian who will be accountable for your branding and how it is portrayed to the world.

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Branding Examples

Here are some examples of re-branding work that Relton Digital has been involved in, with some information on each brand. Both brands went through the steps outlined above.

AvaCare Branding

Target AudienceFamilies with young children

StoryAvaCare was founded when three passionate dads combined their expertise as pharmacists and nutritionists with their love for their families. The resulting vitamins and mineral products are designed with our family, and yours, in mind. AvaCare products must pass our AvaCare Promise – Are we willing to give these products to our own families? The answer must always be yes. All of our products must deliver on quality, both scientifically and ethically. AvaCare believes that every person deserves access to high-quality supplements – that’s why we promote initiatives to provide access to vitamins and minerals for all. We cannot provide healthier lives at the cost of our planet. AvaCare’s vitamins and minerals are always sourced ethically, and where possible environmentally friendly and manufactured locally in the UK.

Logo & Strapline – Simple Health

Brand Guidelines

  • Transparent
  • Good Value
  • Trusted
  • Experienced

Why not check out the AvaCare branding by clicking here

Branding -MollyMOjo- orange and white logo - Relton Digital

Molly Mojo Branding

Target Audience – Parents, 70% female, mostly aged 25-44 years, 90% from England and 25% from London. 39% view/shop on a mobile device

Story – Run by parents who want lives to be made easier for all parents, with a little added Mojo. If it doesn’t help parents they don’t sell it

Logo & Strapline – Purveyors of Mother’s Magic

Brand Guidelines –

  • Trusted
  • Helpful
  • Good Value
  • Environmental

Here is a snippet from the brand guidelines: “Molly is able to show empathy and understanding. She is never judgemental; in fact if people are judgemental she doesn’t like it, and will say so too. She respects everyone and believes everyone has a talent and something wonderful about them. Molly wants to make parents’ lives easier by adding a little Mojo to everything parents do. Molly often uses the word Mojo when she talks to people too.”

Important note: This particular client was originally operating under a different URL, name and branding. Although it does cost in terms of time and money to re-brand, these changes should be made if it’s going to add value to your business. Re-branding can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

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