Google Fit For Business Executive Summary by Relton Digital Marketing

Are You Google Fit For Business? Anyone reading this article who is responsible for their website and where it appears in Search Engine’s has asked themselves this very question.

How do you know you have set up everything correctly for Google to crawl your website and rank it favourably?

The aim of the Are You Google Fit For Business? SEO Audit is to put the client back in control of their SEO efforts and provide complete transparency.

Relton Digital has devised the ‘Are You Google Fit For Business?’ SEO Audit that assesses Google’s Top 50 Key Ranking criteria. Letting you know whether you are Google Fit For Business.

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“The one thing I loved most about your report (the Are You Google Fit for Business? SEO Audit) was as a (marketing) consultant it put me back in charge and enabled me to direct my client as what to do next and what to prioritise. It also supported my proposals for improving the company website”

Marketing Consultant, anonymous

The report itself is broken down into 3 areas:

1. Technical SEO – this is largely based on Performance and set up. If the performance and set up are correct then you have a fantastic platform on which you content can be found by Google in a user friendly way

2. Content – Google can only crawl a website in a certain way and it looks for certain markers and indicators to direct it appropriately

3. Link profile – Search engines like Google still see links to your website as referrals and recommendations. Whilst as part of its algorithm search engines are able to identify spammy links. It can also identify reputable links from strong and respected domains. These links are rewarded and rub off on your websites search engine standing.

Google Fit For Business Report by Relton Digital Marketing

Every report is supported by three reports:

SEO Audit Report 1

A traffic light audit on specific SEO criteria which achieves either a; Pass (green), Needs attention (amber) or Fail (red). In this report you will also find the markers for a pass or fail.

SEO Audit Report 2

A supporting PDF document which outlines each compliments the SEO audit report 1. This is where you will find the detail for each specific SEO criteria tested. The detail will show you:

  • What was tested
  • Whether it was a pass or fail
  • The action that is needed to fix the issue
  • Which job title within a team should fix the SEO issue (i.e. Developer or marketing executive)

SEO Audit Report 3

A number of Excel spreadsheets that tell you what needs addressing for each of your URLs.

When you receive your report, share it with your whole team, each member can then be given the task to implement. Once done it will make your website search engine ready. Moving forward, you will know what to concentrate on from an SEO perspective.

We often focus on ‘Google’ as a search engine simply because in the UK it accounts for 85% of the total market share according to Statista. These stats are similar for the US as well. If you are interested in the UK search stats they are: Bing takes 2nd place with 11%, Yahoo! 3rd spot with 3% followed by MSN (0.5%) and DuckDuckGo (0.3%). The other search engines algorithms work in similar ways, so if you are Fit For Google, you’ll be fit for the others including the Russian search engine Yandex.

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